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Cygnus Hyoga

Cygnus Hyoga

SKU: 0889698476881

Take your Saint Seiya collection to the next level with this Funko Pop! Vinyl figurine of Cygnus Hyoga. The beautifully designed figurine features a multicolor design, crafted from high-quality vinyl material that can last for years. This Pop! Vinyl figurine is perfect for fans of all ages, with an age level of 3+. The Saint Seiya S1 series figurine is a part of the Pop! Vinyl collection, brand Funko. This original (unopened) figurine has box number 808 and was released in 2020. Its customization features are common, and it was manufactured in Vietnam. Add this anime-themed figurine to your collection today and bring a piece of the Saint Seiya franchise to your home.

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